Fine Chemicals

S. No. Name of the Product Grade
1. Sodium Chloride AR/GR
2. Sodium Chloride LR/CP
3. Potassium Chloride AR
4. Potassium Chloride LR
5. Ammonium Chloride LR
6. Sodium Acetate 3H2O LR
7. Calcium Chloride 2H2O LR
8. Magnesium Chloride 6H2O LR
9. Sodium Bicarbonate LR
10. Sodium Acetate Anhy. LR/EP
11. Sodium Hydroxide Pallets L.R
12. Potassium Hydroxide Pallets. LR
13. Potassium Hydroxide Pallets. AR
14. Sodium Citrate LR

Available formats of packaging :

Bag Packaging :

25/50Kg PP Laminated Printed Woven Sacks with Two LDPE Liner 200 gauge thick inside and one liner outside the bag stiched with machine.

Drum Packaging :

HDPE Drum with Two LDPE Liner 200 gauge thick inside the Drum.